# 07 — 2022

„V divadle už teď trávím více času, než je zdrávo.“ Možnosti a limity participace divadelního publika

What is the place of theatre in the lives of its audience? Do they give it as much time as they want, or does something prevent them from visiting more often? The subject of the study is an analysis of the answers to the open question „Is there on a general level something that would make you visit the theatre more often? “, which was asked within the ASSET project to the audience of four Prague theatres – the National Theatre, Studio DVA, Jatka 78 and Švandovo Theatre.

This study subjects the answers to this question to a deeper analysis. It sorts the answers into the most frequently represented categories, but also works with specific quotes of answers. It analyses and interprets the information using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

The author then places the findings in the context of research on cultural participation in the Czech Republic and relates them to the findings of audience research in the English-speaking area. The study results in, among other things, specific recommendations for communication and programming in theatres.